19 Main Street Callicoon, NY 12723

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Soups and Appetizers



Soup of the Day

3.99 / 5.99


Farmer’s Market Vegetarian Platter

Tabouleh, Cucumber Yogurt Salad and Roasted Eggplant Salad

All made with farmer’s market vegetables 9.99


House Smoked Scallops w/ Seaweed Salad

Apple wood smoked sea scallops served w/ Wakame salad and sesame vinaigrette 11.99 /22.99


Crab Cakes

Two or Four of our crispy crab cakes served w/ mixed green salad 10.99 / 21.99


Tomato and Artichoke Bruschetta

Marinated artichoke hearts and local tomatoes served over grilled garlic toasts 8.99


Steamed Littleneck Clams

Steamed w/ white wine, fresh herbs and butter 10.99 / 21.99



Main Courses


Cowboy Steak

16oz. dry rubbed rib-eye topped w/ chipotle butter. Served w/ gratin potatoes and local farmer’s veggies 34.99


Grilled Baby Lamb Chop

Marinated and grilled to perfection! Served w/ gratin potatoes and local farmer’s veggies 28.99


BBQ St. Louis Ribs

Tender spareribs with our homemade BBQ sauce served w/ ginger scallion cornbread and local farmer’s veggies 19.99


Pumpkin Seed Crusted Halibut w/ Orange Butter Sauce

Fresh Atlantic Halibut served w/ Basmati rice and local farmer’s veggies 28.99


Sesame Crusted Salmon w/ Soy Ginger Glaze

Served w/ Basmati Rice, orange tomato salad and local farmer’s veggies 24.99


Grilled Seafood Sausage Bistro Style

Two fish home made fish sausages made w/ Cod and fresh herbs served w/ Frites and tomato herb Remoulade 19.99


Locavore Primavera

Fresh pasta tossed w/ local artichokes, locally foraged wild mushrooms, Le Petite Jardin tomatoes and white truffle oil 21.99