19 Main Street Callicoon, NY 12723

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Soups and Appetizers


Shrimp and Lobster Bisque

4.99 / 6.99

Farmer’s Market Parsnip and Mushroom w/ Barley

3.99cup / 5.99bowl


 Blue Point Oysters

Raw or Rockefeller, half or whole dozen  12.99 / 23.99


Crab Cakes w/ Salad

Two or four of our crispy crab cakes served w/ mixed greens 10.99 / 21.99


Local Yellow and Red Beet Salad

Heller’s beets tossed w/ lentils and greens in light vinaigrette 8.99


Antipasto Plate

Hot Copa, sweet Soppressata, Mortadella, Truffle Burrata and grilled bread 10.99


Main Courses


14oz N.Y. Strip Steak w/ Your Choice of Sauce

Forest Mushroom, Au Poivre, Blue Cheese or Chimichuri. Served w/ scalloped purple potatoes and vegetables 29.99


Braised Local Rabbit

Served w/ Spaetzle, sweet green cabbage and mustard cream sauce 26.99


Grilled Baby Lamb Chops

Marinated and grilled to perfection! Served w/ scalloped purple potatoes and vegetable 29.99


Thai Fish Sausage

A homemade sausage of cod, salmon, leeks and coconut milk

 served over rice noodles and Asian vegetables w/ Holly basil and chili paste 21.99


Broiled Lemon Sole Oreganatta

Fresh Sole topped w/ lemon, olive oil, breadcrumbs and herbs served w/ Basmati rice and vegetable 21.99


Soft Shell Crabs w/ Garlic Butter

Two large crispy green crabs topped w/ garlic butter served w/ Basmati rice and vegetable 24.99


Ravioli of the Day

Ask your server