19 Main Street Callicoon, NY 12723

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Eggs and Omelets

Fried, Poached or Scrambled 2.50 per egg


Three Egg Omelets w/ home fries and fruit 9.99

American, Swiss, Provolone, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Feta, Cream Cheese 1.50

Ham, Bacon, Sausage1.50 Smoked Salmon 4.00

Spinach, Mushrooms, Tomato, Roasted Peppers, Scallions, Herbs 2.00

Eggs Benedict 12.99

Poached eggs and ham on a toasted english muffin w/ Hollandaise sauce.

 Home fries and fruit.

Eggs Florentine 12.99

Poached eggs and sautéed spinach on a toasted english muffin w/ Hollandaise sauce.

 Home fries and fruit.

Norwegian Eggs 15.99

Poached eggs and smoked salmon on a toasted english muffin w/ Hollandaise Sauce.

Home fries and fruit.

Steak and Eggs 18.99

10oz. N.Y. strip steak and 3 eggs any style. Home fries and fruit.

Pancakes 9.99

A full stack of our yummy from scratch griddle cakes. Home fries and fruit.

Challah French Toast 11.99

Thick cut pieces of Beach Lake Bakery Challah dipped in egg and cream batter w/ a touch of vanilla.

Home fries and fruit.

Smoked Salmon Plate 12.99

Smoked salmon, Capers, Bermuda onion, tomato, lettuce and a toasted bagel w/ cream cheese.

Fruit Plate 12.99

A selection of fresh and dried fruit w/ nuts.

Breakfast Burrito 12.99

Fried egg, home fries and a scoop of our chili wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Served w/chopped salad,salsa and sour cream.


Two paper thin pancakes filled the following choices:

Spinach and goat cheese 10.99

Smoked salmon and herb cream cheese 12.99

Ham and swiss 10.99

Jam and cream cheese. 9.99

Belgian Chocolate 10.99


Home made Granola 3.99             Home fries 3.50                English muffin 2.50                   Sausage 3.00

Oatmeal 2.99                                 French fries 3.50                   Bagel 3.50                                 Bacon 3.00

Yogurt 3.99                                   Toast 2.00                             Croissant 4.00                           Ham 3.00



Juice 2.00 sm 3.00 lrg                  Coffee 1.50                             Pot of Tea 3.00             Milk 2.00 sm 3.00 lrg